Grace in Applying the Word to Life

Rummaging the back issues of Credenda/Agenda magazine for something else, I came across these great articles. They are so needed for self-consciously conservative Christians who want to react against a loose culture back to Scripture. Written for a woman's world, it is still a great guide for all in how to return to Scripture and stop adapting to the world, while also remaining gracious and charitable with others.

Check 'em out - they're quite short.


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  1. Those are great articles, covered even more in her first book, "Fruit of Her Hands."

    I love their idea of "family culture". If you have the right perspective on federal headship, then you understand that you have no business challenging the way a family does things (especially to the wife). If there is sin involved then concerns go to the head of that household.
    On the other hand, if a family does things "stricter" than yours, you have to realize that that is their "family culture" and not feel pressured by it.
    Most ladies who always wear skirts by conviction who I have met, do not go around noticing who is NOT wearing skirts. They just wear skirts, to God's glory.
    In our sin, I think we just step on each other's toes. It gives us lots of opportunities to demonstrate repentance and forgiveness...the Gospel in action!