Boxes and 'Byes

We've been saying a lot of good byes lately, and a bunch of "see you laters" as well. It's been a tough week, but a good one.

Last weekend my parents hosted a farewell open house for my side of the family. Nearly all my relatives showed up (which really isn't that many!) but we shared lots of laughs and lots of cake. It was particularly difficult parting with my only sibling and sister, Emily.

The next day was our last Sunday at North Blendon. Many more goodbyes were said after a tearful service, followed by a potluck and more cake for all.

And last night I said "see you later" to my best friend of 18 years. We reminisced and prayed together over dinner, remembering our first year together in 6th grade (where I tied her to a swingset with her scarf - sorry!), years co-directing our high school theater productions, then living together for 2 year in college. We then said "adios" to each other for 5 years while she was teaching in Nicaragua, but to my joy she returned two years ago. Now it's my turn to say "hasta luego." Rachel: sorry if I teased you about your Southern drawl when you moved to MI - I guess it's my turn to develop a drawl now! :)

And now as nearly everything in our home is in a box (Steve's dismantling the computer as I type!), we're getting close to saying good bye to our home and Michigan. We'll miss the sounds of old rusty tractors, smell of cow manure, and sunsets over the lake, but look forward to discovering what the busy life on the east coast is like. And we are excited about making many more friends who we hope will become near and dear to us!

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  1. My heart goes out to you, Sara, as I am re-living our experiences from over 4 years ago, as I read your thoughts. Saying goodbye is tough, but what God has in store at the end of the road will be amazing. In some ways, leaving people actually betters the relationships. It makes a person realize the important things in relationships, and the times that you do spend together are so much more rich, as not one minute is taken for granted. I had a mentor tell me before we left who had experienced her children and grandchildren moving away, that, "Yes, it's hard, but the times together are so much more cherished. Instead of seeing the grandkids regularly, they now jump on us in bed to wake us in the mornings when we visit them... something we never would have had the joy of experiencing if they hadn't moved away." All this to say, you leave some things behind, but many new memories lie ahead! Blessings to your family as you begin to experience them together!