Worship the Lord!

Great stuff on worship here (Sept 8 and 5 posts). Here's the short version:

"How we approach the playing of the organ, piano, guitar, percussion, violin, etc. in worship should not be an unthinking assuming of what “works” for pop, modern, radio, or art music. The purpose and venue is different!....

"In good conscience, I cannot sing text of the death and blood of Christ Jesus to flippant and unthinking music.

"As I have written in other areas, what we may consider to be a sacrifice of praise may be to Yahweh like the stench of Cain’s offering or the “strange fire” of Aaron’s sons because we offer what we want to offer rather than what He requires of us."

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  1. Interesting. Is he saying that it is improper to simply play the music as it is written?

    "More often than not, what we hear is a vanilla performance that drives towards the end without variation based on theological concepts but rather on standard practice of what “sounds good” regardless of the content of the words."