We are very busy packing and seeing friends one last time, so posting will be sporadic. But I wanted to write saying thanks to all who have been reading this blog, that I didn't know were reading! So many of you, as we have said good-bye, have mentioned you read this blog. Thank you. We will have to write more carefully...

So, again, thank you.

Yesterday was my last Sunday pastoring here in Michigan, and it was a hard, emotionally-draining, yet very rewarding day. We will miss so many people we've come to know and love.

We've had some cold bugs come through, combined with allergies hitting Sara very hard, has made it a tough few days health-wise, too.

I preached on Colossians 4, finishing a series by asking the congregation to pray for us, and to know that the kingdom of God is greater than any one congregation. Also in the evening from 3 John - send the friends on their way in a manner worthy of God. Greet the friends there by name. The most common greeting in the New Testament is "Grace and peace to you in Christ."

I scored several large boxes for free at the local pack and ship place tonight, so now we have to fill them with our household goods...


  1. In our first 15 yrs of marriage, we moved 13 times! I always found lots of boxes at the local liquor store. It always looked like we were having a huge party! ;^)

  2. Wine and Liquor boxes are great and wonderfully sturdy for moving books.

  3. Gives you conversation starters with your new neighbours too! :) At least that's what I found all the times that I've moved.

  4. Thanks for the tip!