Storage Spaces

We need storage help! As we unload our boxes and move into our home, we're discovering less cabinet and closet space than we're used to.

So post a comment to share some hints or tips on how you store and organize items in your home (especially kitchen goods/china dishes, toys, bath essentials, etc).


  1. We actually keep extra serveware, and toys in the attic!
    I think it would be wise to keep your eye out for some kind of hutch to replace the shelves we put in the breakfast nook, that would hold more dishes etc.

    We really, really pare down toys, to just a few kinds, cars, legos and figures for the boys, dolls and puzzles. Anything else just gets left around. Lots of Moms put most toys up and the kids have to ask to get them down. That way, Mom can make sure that the other toys get picked up first.

    Don't have any bath toys, didn't usually. I'm an all business bather, I guess, get in wash, and get out. ;^)

    We'll keep thinking. Meanwhile, make a list of things you are really missing about a house so that you can look for it in the next home. (A tip from a frequent mover!)

  2. for bath things:
    shower caddy for shampoo
    Small pail for bath toys
    suction cups for holding wash rags, scrungies and such forth
    Suction cups with holders for soap

    Kitchen goods:
    Large spoons, cooking utensils, in large NICE flower pot on counter
    Rest is stored in basement - ie crock pot, big pans, etc. Stuff that is not used EVERY day.

    Do you have stairs that you can use as a kitchen cubby? Just add shelves.

    A ring on the ceiling with hooks for hanging stuff from?