Potholders on hold

I've had my eye on this little gem for quite some time. After a full two weeks of settling in after our move south, I bought this book for myself as a little gift to myself. I have never read such hilarious writing about knitting. If you're current with the knitting blog world at all, or just love to knit and go outside the box, this book will probably tickle your funny bone, too. It has inspired a new crafty project....

Potholder Loops! Remember those sock remnants that you can buy to make potholders? My Grandma had a huge stash of these linty loops and gave them to me and the kids. We made a few potholders and gave them back to Grandma as a thank you, but the remaining grocery bag-full was shoved to the back of a closet. Then it moved with us. Then Grace rediscovered them. She declared Craft Time!

Now no crafty mom can resist a child's urge to create. But another potholder? Ugh. Then I found a fun idea in my new book. Why not loopy-loop all those loops together into one GIANT chain...I mean yards long, many yards...yards enough to KNIT. Yup, I've got my 5 year old making me a monster-sized yarn ball of potholder loops. And we're having fun.

I've got a pair of turkey-baster-sized knitting needles that will work with such a clunky "yarn". We're going to knit us a rug... pure, unadulterated, rainbow-colored garterstitch to wipe our feet on. Or set hot dishes on.

Our loopy yarn ball is currently the size of a small basketball.

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  1. I can't wait to see the finished product! :-)