Tabletalk blurbs

Once again, another golden nugget from Warren Gage's article in Tabletalk (Oct 2006):
"John has the whore of Babyon arrayed in scarlet (Rev 17:4) and dwelling in a city that has had a visit from two witnesses (Rev 11:3), a great city whose fall comes after a shout at the sounding of the last of seven trumpets (Rev 11:15; 14:8)."
Somebody help me out, here, the city is...

And from the 1st paragraph of the pastor's perspective column:
"When a pastor looks at his [using the possessive loosely!] assembled congregation, what does he see? If he accepts a biblical covenant theology, he knows that he is not looking at a collection of randomly gathered individuals, or even families, but at a part of the covenant people of God."

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