Baptism and history

Had the privilege of baptizing a congregation member at the historic Sir Christopher Wren building, on the campus of William and Mary in Williamsburg today. This is the oldest college building in the USA (built in 1690s). Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe and others went to school here. It was chartered by the Dutch William of Orange and his wife Mary, who were then king and queen of England.

The child's grandfather spoke of his family's history 20 generations back, of how his son was baptized in the same place 26 years ago, and of how we must think of ourselves and our families across many generations, and not isolated from our past and future. What a great setting for such a theme! What a rich history we inherit, not just in our own families, but as Christians baptized into a family which has served God faithfully for millenia. How well do we know our family history?

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  1. weren't the accoustics in that place amazing?!? It even made our sorry efforts sound good! LOL