Presbytery and Samuel

Presbytery went very well. When it began there were 14 member churches - now there are 20, with another 5 set to join next year. We are one of the six new member churches. God is good.

Preached on 1 Samuel 2 this morning - the corruption of Eli's sons. Here's the outline of the text:

I. Prophecy against Eli - vss 1-10
II. Samuels serves and grows - vs 11
III. Eli's sons' corruption - sacrifices - vss 12-17
IV. Samuel's robe and priesthood - vss 18-21
III. Ili's sons' corruption - women - vss 22-25
II. Samuel serves and grows - vs 26
I. Prophecy against Eli - vss 27-36

Samuel is pictured as a faithful priest in contrast with Eli's sons, as Jesus is our faithful high priest (Hebrews 2:17), who intercedes for us before Yahweh.

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  1. Isn't it amazing how once you know they are there chiasms just jump out at you when you read the text carefully.

    An interesting one from the text I preached this Morning appeared as I was prayerfully examining the text.

    Romans 3:9-12 (I preached on 3:9-22a)

    a: None Righteous
    b: No one understands
    c: No one seeks God
    c1: All have gone wrong
    b1: Together they have become worthless
    a1: No one does good