Political Sigh of Relief

I'm thanking God today that my government representatives here in Virginia are closer to my own understanding of how government should function than they were in Michigan. Back in Michigan, some very liberal US senators are entrenched, though more locally we had good representation (liberal Detroit, conservative west side, the rest a bit of a mix). Here in VA, while I'm not versed in the regional landscape yet, and don't know all the details of each legislator's platform, still, except for the state governor, Tim Kaine, everybody else is on the right side of the aisle (pun intended), from US senators George Allen and John Warner to the US House rep, Jo Ann Davis, to the Virginia state delegate Melanie Rapp and senator Martin Williams. And while I'm increasingly frustrated with that party, I think it's genuinely better than the only politically viable alternative.

Still, I'm considering tossing my vote to a 3rd party. While it takes a vote from a real contender, it also sends a message to that contender of where their support is coming from - further down the political spectrum to the right, not to the center.


  1. Welcome to the COmmonwealth!

    Get ready for your disaffection with the GOP to increase. The GOP controls both state houses, but the state senate is a huge problem. I would encourage you to get info from the Virginia Family Foundation (weekly emails etc) to immerse yourself in what is going on.

    And then there's John Warner (former Mr. Elizabeth Taylor)....sigh.

    I love George Allen, but he may be sent packing in a few weeks, regrettably.

    You're not the only one looking for a third option. I just wish I could find one that wasn't kooky.

  2. Question: If God makes countries and puts their leaders in place, is it our place to choose a "contender?" I would argue in the negative. Rather, our place is to, in accordance with a conscience shaped by a soft heart and a knowlege of scripture, make the most obedient choice. God will give us the leaders we deserve regardless of their apparend probability to contend. Neither those leaders nor our election system is outside His sovereign will and control.