"Castle & Dragon" by Grace


  1. Steve thought I'd better interpret this fine art for our viewers:

    Dragon: ugly green guy under left tower window

    three small bumps at bottom of page: these are three dungeon doors (cut off by scanner, my fault)

    Note the exquisite polychrome stained glass window (upper right), ornate moulding above the securely fastened port cullis, and the rainbow of flags flying to show the royal family is currently at home in the keep.

    Feel free to post questions for the artist (remembering that she's 5 - I can't guarantee logical answers!)

  2. That one is a framer, if I ever saw one!
    Excellent work, Grace! How many princesses live in the castle?
    Mrs. Doskey

  3. SEVEN princesses live in the castle, and they are dancing!


  4. Grace,

    Are there any knights in the castle to protect the princesses from the dragon?

    Mr. Doskey