Communion Exhortation - 12/9/07

[After the death of a congregation member:]

As we gather at the Table to proclaim the Lord’s death, another death crowds to mind. Our Father created this world so that the physical would have a profound effect on us. We know and are assured that M______ is with the Lord in paradise today. We know he is fully healed. Why not put away grief? We grieve and painfully miss M______ b/c he isn’t here physically. God meant for the physical to weigh heavily upon us, and that is why He gives us physical signs of our salvation. He intends for us every Sunday to take bread, hear the words “This is My body,” and then eat and swallow. At the last day, death will be swallowed up forever. As we proclaim the Lord’s death by swallowing the bread and wine, we proclaim that death itself will be swallowed up forever one day.

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