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Here is an interesting, more modern poem. I gather it is written from Adam's perspective upon waking up, and before naming Eve, Eve (see lines 9-10). I like how it portrays the need for re-union, after being torn apart (rib taken). God tends to divide in order to create/re-order (Genesis 1:4-7; Isaiah 64:1; Matthew 26:26; 27:51), which brings multiplied fruit. Since the world has not been completely put back together (consummated), we still feel this need in us, the fierceness of creation. Note that part of Adam wants things back how they were, but God is now calling for a different sort of union, more glorious...

adam thinking
by Lucille Clifton

stolen from my bone
is it any wonder
i hunger to tunnel back
inside desperate
to reconnect the rib and clay
and to be whole again

some need is in me
struggling to roar through my
mouth into a name
this creation is so fierce
i would rather have been born

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