Crafts with Kids

If you were hoping this post would be loaded with creative and new craft ideas for kids, sorry.

In fact, it is the opposite. It is a cry for help - my 3 oldest children are the craft kings. Every day they ask for another craft/art project to do. They have made models of the USS Monitor to no end, drawings of every possible variation of castle/knight/dragon, fleets of spaceships, paper snowflakes to fill a dump truck, and Perler beads by the bucketful. I usually can whip up a crafty idea in a manner of minutes, but my creative gas tank is on E. Any ideas? We have a large collection of toilet paper and paper towel tubes...

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  1. One of our favorite crafts with cardboard tubes is for Mom to cut them into rings about two inches wide or so and make them into napkins rings.
    We have personalized ones we made years ago with paper mache'. You could use duct tape if paper mache' is too scary with Zachy around.
    Sorry, that's all I've got! I'm NOT good at coming up with crafts.
    How'z about hitting the library for ideas?