"Hana in the Time of the Tulips"

"...and tulips in those days were as precious as gold."
Tulipomania (1634-1637) is the background for this charming book about little Hana who aims to get her merchant father's attentions away from tulips and back to their usual fun and games in the family gardens.
The story in this book is adorable and remarkable - not only is the Semper Augustus a feature, but Rembrandt himself plays a role as friend and painting instructor to little Hana. But to my artist's eyes, the paintings make this book worth the $51 it's selling for on Amazon. They reflect the style and mood of the great Dutch and Flemish masters of the period in style, lighting, content, and composition. Detailed full-page paintings are complemented by small inkwash sketches, adding vivacity to every page. These are pictures my children can sit and /look/ at, not just skim past - the kind of art I want those little eyes to devour. "Hana" is another great book to help our kids understand their Dutch heritage; a similar book for preschool/K-1 aged kids is "The Great Tulip Trade" featuring another young girl and her father. For older elementary kid interested in the golden era of Dutch art and tulips I recommend "Dutch Color" by Douglas Jones.
And yes, my own Holland (MI) tulip bulbs are carefully planted in our backyard, awaiting the spring sunshine.

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