Communion Exhortation - 4/13/08

Text: Colossians 3:18-19
Theme: Marriage is a covenant, a uniquely God-structured relationship designed for union. Our relationship with God in Christ is a covenant along the same lines.

The engagement ritual of Jesus’ day was something of a courtship, involving the parents of the engaged couple. When the parents were satisfied, and agreed on a bride price, they would bring the couple before them at a table. The young man took a cup of wine, called the Cup of Acceptance, and offered it to the young lady, saying something like, “This cup is my covenant with you.” As she drank, the lady accepted the covenant relationship.

Jesus uses this language as He institutes the Lord’s Supper in the upper room with His disciples: “This cup is a new covenant in my blood.” He is comparing the covenantal relationship of salvation through Him, with the covenant of marriage. Believing in Jesus is more than a get out of hell free card. You accept an eternal intimate relationship with Him, Your Lord and Bridegroom.

Of course, Israelite children grew up in this covenant with the Lord. Before they could mentally understand and accept this covenant, they were eating the Passover Lamb with the covenant family that DID understand it. They did not have to wait until being of marriageable age to partake of the lamb. 1 Cor 10:17: “Because there is one bread, we who are many are one body, for we all partake of the one bread.”

And, Of course, this Supper is not just our accepting Jesus. It is not just our profession, our action, our remembering. God is acting here, giving Himself to us, nourishing and feeding our souls – the Spirit of Christ uniting us with the life of Christ. The Spirit is strengthening and sweetening the covenantal union between His Church and Her Lord.

He brings us to His banqueting Table; His banner over us is love.

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