Communion Exhortation - Resurrection Day

Text: Colossians 3:1-4

Adam awoke to life in a Garden, shown food to eat and a Bride to love. But he let Eve eat of the wrong food and death followed.
Jesus awoke to new life in a Garden tomb, having shown His disciples the right food to eat a few days before. His bride the church symbolized by Mary. In the resurrection, all creation is made new. There is a new bride to love in the church as we nourish and cherish each other, a new world to subdue as we baptize and disciple the nations, food to enjoy, which now includes the tree of life – Christ your life. Food is given us for life. But Christ is our life. Turns out Christ is our food.

As our life is hidden with Christ, so in Rev, when we overcome we are promised that we will be given some of the hidden manna. This means the jar of manna that was put in the ark, in the temple. The veil to that temple has been torn, we have access to it. Peter and John had access, too, as they entered the tomb and found the ark, with cherubim at the head and foot of the grave. But the revealed manna, the bread of God, had risen and is now hidden in heaven. And we are with him, risen with Him to heaven, seated with Him there. Enjoy fellowship with the source of your life – Jesus Christ.

We have several new family members this morning as a local congregation of Christ, some communing for the first time. Please take time to greet and encourage them after the service. We have been adopted into the family of God. This is the family table. Our baptism is our seal of adoption. We come not so much as separate families, but as the one family of God. We also have visitors with us, and we invite all those who are baptized into the Triune God, and who are not under the discipline of Christ’s Church, to commune with Him at His table. 1 Cor 10:17: “Because there is one bread, Jesus, we who are many are one body, for we all partake of the one bread.”

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