Communion exhortation - Palm Sunday

Text: Col 3:12-17; Luke 19:28-44

Here is your Lamb, given to spare you from the angel of death, given as God redeems you from the bondage and punishment for your sins. The Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world. Here we are reminded of that sacrifice, when Jesus was brought near, right up to the altar, and offered up on the cross. His sacrifice was pleasing in God’s sight, and put an end to the need for more sacrifices. Now all those in Christ are pleasing to God. We rejoice in our favor with God in Christ. He sits us at His table.

But this is where we commune with our God. God tells us that Christ lives in us. That we put on Christ-like-ness. Christ within, Christ around us. We are united with Him. When the sacrifice was killed, cut apart and burned, it looked like the end, but its blood was a sign of God’s covering our sin, and the smoke rose to be a sweet smell in God’s nose. The same happened with Jesus, when He died. It looked like the end, but His blood truly covers our sin, and He rose vindicated and approved by the Father, in full communion with Him. The same happens with us, when we come to faith in Christ, we die. It looks like the end, to surrender your life to Jesus. But He takes it, covers your sin, and unites you to Christ in full Communion with Him.

The Body communes not just with Christ our head, but with other members, and so as we are re-membered by the Spirit of God, put away any division, offenses, complaints, blame or bitterness against one another. Take it off and lay it down. Pick up Christ and put Him on. Even more, take Him in to yourself, so that you become more like Him.

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