Communion Exhortation - Good Friday

Text: Romans 3:21-26

Every celebration of the Lord’s Supper points to the crucifixion on Good Friday. We proclaim His death in this way, until He comes again.

God has brought us back to Himself in Christ’s cross. We are here b/c He wants us to be with Him, and has made that possible in spite of our sins, which had separated us from Him.

We ought to know two things deeply
1. How great our sin, and its consequences.
2. How great God’s love, overcoming those consequences, restoring us to fellowship with Him.

Both of these are pictured at this table. We see a broken body and spilled blood, showing the wages of sin.

But we also see these very things becoming our life, the foundation of our restored fellowship. For this reason, this is GOOD Friday.

Let us consider the great price for our sin, symbolized here. May it lead us not to despondency and despair, not to self-centered wallowing in our guilt, flaying our conscience to merit God’s approval. Rather, may our meditation on the great price for our sin lead us to glorify God for His sacrificial love, willing to give up His own Son so He could freely give us all things.

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