Finished at last

Over 10 years ago I got the idea that I'd make a quilt while my hubby was busy with night classes and homework for seminary. We didn't have children then, so I found myself with a lot of free time. And an antique Singer sewing machine that only did straight stitches. I had watched my mom sew things, so I figured it wouldn't be too hard to figure out.

I drew sketches, I rummaged for fabric. A library book I found said the "Shoo Fly" pattern ws a good beginning quilt pattern for young girls. Well, I wasn't exactly a 9-yr old, but simplicity was needed! I started cutting hundreds of squares and triangles one by one, tracing them onto fabric with a pen from a template I made from a cereal box. I even cut triangles while camping! I had not heard about rotary cutters...

The piecing went relatively smoothly, which meant I could dive in on the quilting. HAND quilting. On a KING size quilt. What was I thinking??

Well, after a lot of work, and lots of "rest" periods (some were years long) the quilt is finally finished! Here she is, in her rightful spot on our bed.
While I will probably not tackle a big quilt project like this again soon (at least the hand quilting), I do enjoy sewing and the creative problem solving that requires. The Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival is coming up this weekend... I can't wait to start planning my next project!


  1. Beautiful, Sara! I'm proud of you and the quilt looks smashing! I've done a shoefly in blue, aqua & purple scraps for a baby boy and enjoyed the pattern.
    I'm sooo excited about the quilt festival! I have to remember to empty my camera's memorycard!

  2. i'm impressed! by your skills, yes (as always), but mostly by your tenaciousness to follow through and finish it even after 10 years! looks great!