Spring Sewing

I'm a Northern girl, and that means I have a lot of really warm winter coats. Lots. By time spring hits in the north, you've worn through two coats and are sale shopping for a third. But here in the steamy south, spring is knocking at our door already, and the winter coats are being retired.
I sadly put away my wool pea coat and realized I have no inbetweeners. I saw this 1966 pattern for sale and thought it'd make a great spring jacket. And HUGE pockets! What more could a mom want? And there's something about that Pepto-Bismol pink that's calling me...

1 comment:

  1. i can see you in the pink one. especially with nothing but bare legs and high heels on the bottom. :) oh, and a nice big bow on top!

    really, though, i think it would be cute! we are headed for temps in the 40's this weekend, and you know how excited northerners get about 40 degrees! ;) i have been loving the sunshine.