Room redos

Our dining room renovation is affecting other rooms. Here's our powder room, aka Chicken Bathroom, with ugly paneling.
The under-sink area is uhg-ly! We need to do something to cover the hole, yet retain access to water valves.
This is the beadboard pulled from our dining room ceiling. We'll reuse it in the bathroom to replace the paneling then give it a fresh coat of paint. That's Dad's job. Maybe Mom will peel the wallpaper off for me. I heard she's good at that. :)
Speaking of the dining room ceiling, thanks for the input on the tin panels. I'm going with a non-glossy finish to keep the "old" look. Here's the crown molding, just painted this afternoon.

Once it's dry, I age it with 150 grit sandpaper. Then a coat of matte poly to finish it off. Presto! Pics of the finished tin ceiling will come soon...
(the table underneath everything is the next refinishing project)

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