Romance redefined

My man knows me. I'm not easy to buy Valentine gifts for, but he nailed it this year.

I have a soft side. He bought me flowers. But he also knows I'm a dreamer yet practical, so he bought Stargazer Lilies which I can plant and (hopefully) keep alive for years to come.

I 'm a geek, and I love a good laugh. So a subscription to "Scientific American" shows up in the mailbox. Two issues at once! January's topic: "The Most Powerful Idea in Science: the Evolution of Evolution" (with a whiny article about Creationist trying to get their way in schools via legislature). February's features: "How eating meat contributes to global warming" and "Black holes may have even stranger siblings that violate known laws of physics."

Hmm. One month scientists can't deal with the idea of things happening outside the scope of purported scientific laws, and the next month they're intigued by them. The sacred temple of science looks more like a circus tent to me; pitch it where ever there's a crowd to pay admission.

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