Tin Ceiling Project

Lately the knitting and sewing have been put aside to try something different:

We ordered some tin ceiling panels to redo our water-damaged ceiling. I love the look of time-worn tin, with the paint rubbed and cracked. You can buy panels already painted with this look for the cost of your arm, leg and firstborn. Since I like bipedal action and my children too much, I decided to do it myself. So 37 panels and yards of bright shiny tin crown molding arrived on my doorstep. I'm still figuring out my process, but there's lots of fun to be had in the process!

Which of the two panels do you like best? Dull and subtle details, or bright and high-contrast details?


  1. Although I find the one with the topcoat more appealing, I think I would prefer the dull one on the ceiling. What do you think?
    How are you going to stick them up there?
    I have a damaged living room ceiling because of leaks, too...and I thought of patching it and then put up that heavy textured wall paper that you can paint over.

  2. I like the one on the right. You probably won't notice the contrast as much as you think it'll be on the ceiling.

  3. Anonymous7:02 AM

    I'm late to chime in here, but I agree that the one to the right is the more appealing. Is it possible that the bottom and left-most square of the one labelled "primer only" is not antiqued? That could be why...