Bad Cookies

I didn't earn my cookie badge. What you see is the sad, sad outcome of my baking abilities. They might qualify for the world's thinnest cookies: 3mm. And the funny thing is they come out this way EVERY time I bake them.

This is the standard Nestle Toll House back of the chocolate chip package recipe. I followed the directions with scientific precision, experimented with different oven temperatures, double checked that with a thermometer. I've tried butter, margarine, shortening...

I'm slowly getting used to the idea of being a cookie failure. I can knit a mean lace shawl, but the inner workings of a chocolate chip cookie remain a mystery to me.


  1. Allow me to elucidate sometime...I have THE original recipe from Mrs. Wakefield of Toll House fame. ;-) And that is one of my favorites. Lots of variables can affect baking...surely it is not you.


  2. Like the bread recipe I gave you a while back, there is a "no fail" cookie recipe. (Personally, I've never had good luck with the Nestle Toll House recipe either). The recipe I use makes a TON, but freeze well and are everyone's favorites around here. I agree with Stacey, I really think it's the recipe, not the baker... :) If you want the one we use, let me know!

  3. the question is...do they taste good? if they taste good then the rest is moot.

  4. Just a thought...does this recipe call for too much butter...maybe try cutting it down...maybe even in half?