Summer Knitting 09

It's never too hot to knit - just crank the AC a bit, right? :) We've been on the road a lot the past couple months which gave me ample time to crank out a few projects:

"Aleita Shell" - Interweave Knits magazine, Elsebeth Lavold "silky wool" 3 skeins
For me; I could've added another 2" to the length... maybe I'll cut it and graft in a section if I'm feeling daring.

Mill End Mittens - these were knit from a ball of "mill end" yarn. The mill uses up their odds and ends of singles to ply very unique skeins with random color changes. I knit from both ends of the ball on these, and am somewhat disappointed in how long the orange/purple section was (but my VT Hokie friends will love me). Not the most stunning pair of mittens, but very functional. And yes, they fit me very well; my fingers ARE that long. :)
This is "Shepherds Wool" yarn by Stonehedge Fiber Mill in Michigan. I have never felt a 100% wool that was so soft and NOT itchy at all! I think there must be something other than just sheep's wool in there. I have enough of this in a solid to make a sweater - I can't wait to snuggle in it!
There won't be anymore knitting updates for awhile - Christmas knitting is starting so we are in top secret mode. I'm also cooking up some crafty gift ideas that the kids can participate in. Fambly fun!

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