Communion Exhortation - 1/11/09

Matt 3:1-12

All our lives must exude our repentance to God, and this supper is not an exception to that. We have been talking about repentance mostly in turning away from our sins. But repentance also means turning to the Lord Jesus in faith. He is the only one through whom we can be forgiven when we repent. His baptism at the cross reconciles us to the Father. Turn to Him in faith by receiving His baptism, His death at the cross, as your own death to sin. Receive His body and His blood, transformed from a sacrificial payment for our sin into life giving food for His chosen people. This receiving is also repentance. We reverse our rejection of Him. We accept what God gives, the Savior we need. God gives by grace. He gives us life by grace; physical sustenance by grace; His Law to live in holy joy, by grace; He gives promises of forgiveness and redemption by grace; He gives His Son to accomplish our redemption, by grace; He gives His Spirit to work salvation IN us, by grace; He gives us His Word and water and wine, His people, by grace; He gives us faith to believe Him, by grace; we receive all this, by faith, as we receive Him.

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