Communion Exhortation - 12/14/08

Matthew 1:18-25
We do this to remember Jesus’ death. We also do this to signify and seal our present union with Him through our baptism and faith with Christ. We have a share in Christ’s death and new life. Because God has shown us mercy in giving us a Savior, we have this heavenly table. Because Joseph showed Mary mercy, Mary and Jesus had a table, humanly speaking. God gives to us first, and we respond giving back to God and to others. This is why the offering and the table are close to each other in the service. There is a connection. The fellowship of the saints in Christ provides for those in need. Fellowship with Christ provides for your need for righteousness. You now hold the sign of that righteousness – the life of Jesus. He gave His life for yours. Look about you at the body of Christ and find some small way to return that infinite favor.

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