Not a good driving record for the last 3 years

Jesus is Lord of His wedding banquet, and of this meal we call the Lord’s Supper. And He defines it a certain way we must know about. Those content with their righteous high standards are often left standing outside, angry that God would let such sinners in. They don’t value the Lord or His feast highly, because they think they are already righteous. They value more highly their lands, their wealth, their oxen, their labor and skills, their marriage and family. They look to these things to get them by in life and think they don’t need the Lord’s invitation to Himself.

The blind and lame know they need Jesus. And Jesus is not about to turn them away. His standards are low for fellowship with Him. And it’s a good thing or you and I wouldn’t be here. You need not be ritually clean. You need not understand the Law in detail. You need not have been a model of piety for at least 3 years. All you need is to be looking to Jesus now to forgive and get you out of the mess of sin that you are. Come to Him not as  a valuable and righteous asset to offer Him – you have none. He gives you the only righteousness you have in Christ by the fruit of the Spirit. So come to Him as blind, lame and wretched, saved by God’s amazing grace. 


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