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Does the Bible Forbid Family Planning?
A Biblical and Theological Evaluation of Mary Pride's Arguments Against Birth Control in Her Book The Way Home
by Jeffrey J. Meyers

I see I never wrote about this book when I read it about a year ago. This booklet or essay is a helpful and specific critique of Mary Pride's "The Way Home." It shows the flaws in the argument that Scripture requires no use of any form of birth control. Examples: That God is sovereign over conception does not forbid us to intervene in any way. Onan's sin (Gen 38) was not birth control. Procreation is not the sole purpose of sex, thus sex not open to procreation is not inherently sinful.

Good quote for a balanced big picture at the end: "We oppose the pagan, anti-familial posture of contemporary American culture and have no wish to promote it in any way. Having said this, the danger for Evangelicals, however, has been to overreact with a legalistic, extra-biblical rigor that in the long run will not effectively deal with the primary problem."

Birth control is not wrong for its being advocated by feminists. Neither is any use of birth control okay, just because it is not forbidden outright in God's Word.

4 stars.

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