Leading the church

Driscoll summarizes church government and administration in this 100 page booklet.

Synopsis: Jesus is the head of the church. Elders are human leaders who follow Jesus and get others to, also. Women are not called to eldership for Biblical reasons. Deacons are helpers in the church to administer. Membership is important. Leadership teams need to vary their methods by the size of the church.

Addresses elder training, relationships, conflict and duties in a thorough and practical way that doesn't make it some super-spiritual, impossible task.
Well reasoned argument for men-only eldership.

Argument for women deacons.
Some mega-church marketing assumptions drives the leadership team administration section.

Page 23 - "To do his job, [the lead elder] must not have blind obedience or complete unaccountable authority. Rather, he must have the freedom, trust, authority, respect, honor, and suppor tof the elders and other church leaders to actually lead the church. If not, there can be no leadership; leaders will no longer lead the entire church working on behalf of the best interests of the gospel, but will become representatives of various agendas, departments, factions, and programs in the church."

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