Receive Christ, through others

Jesus provides bread through the disciples. He creates it out of nothing, but wants to minister to us through others. Spurgeon said he “often felt as if he had neither loaf nor fish to give the people, but for 40 years he has been a full-handed waiter at the King’s great banquet.” We have nothing to give from ourselves, but Jesus gives to us, so we can give to others. He could have bypassed the disciples and put the bread and fish in everybody’s laps, but He wants the disciples to give to the people. You see elders and deacons passing trays right now, with full hands, making sure each gets a portion from Christ’s Table. They have nothing to give you from themselves. Neither do I. We seek to give you Christ. Receive Him. Trust His death, which this cup proclaims. Trust God to count Christ’s death as removal of your guilt before Him. Cling to Christ, and seek life, provision and direction from him.


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