Sabbath all over the place

Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath. He was there when Adam was made, as the first Sabbath began. He is greater than the temple itself. He rules on Sabbath observance above the Pharisees. Jesus proves He is Lord of the Sabbath by healing.

We have Sabbath at the beginning, with Adam, and Sabbath at the end of history when we rest in the consummated kingdom, and Sabbath at the middle where Jesus provided for our rest at the cross. We proclaim His death here at the Lord's Table, and that death made our rest possible. Our coming complete rest breaks in ahead of time here at this Table. We look back to the tree of life in the garden. We look forward to eating of it in glory. We look back to Christ’s death. We look forward to seeing Him face to face and finding complete rest in Him.


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