A reminder in the storm

Here [Genesis 15:3-16] was another sign of God’s covenant promise. Abraham was told his descendants would be pilgrims in a land not their own for 400 years. They had quite a storm to ride out, like the disciples on the sea (Matt 14:22-36), like the pilgrims of our nation did (Thanksgiving time). Many of the pilgrims died, but God also prospered them on the other side of the storm, as He did Israel. Whatever storm you are in now, take this cup as God’s way for you to look to Christ. He has provided a sacrifice to atone for your sin. He will keep you in His hand, whatever storm He sends you through here.


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  1. Thanks Steve for publishing your "snippets" from your prayers and exhortations from past Lord's Days. I so appreciate your sermonettes at the Lord's Table and your prepared prayers (and your sermons too!).

    I read recently that today there are alive over 30 million descendants from the Mayflower Pilgrims. We marvel (and rightly so) that Jacob's 70 became 3 to 5 million 400 years later at the Exodus. Yet we overlook the fact that in less than 400 years this group of 100 that was reduced to fifty during its first year in the New World, God has multiplied far more. Truly we have received a bountiful inheritance from a small group of faithful Reformers who simply desired to be but "stepping stones" in God's sovereign work to reveal His Kingdom to the nations.