Clear the Way

I've gotten way behind in posting my weekly call to confession and communion exhortations.
I'm going to pick up again, posting current ones, and starting back 9 months ago, too.

Isaiah 40:3-4
    The voice of one crying in the wilderness: 
          “Prepare the way of the LORD; 
          Make straight in the desert 
          A highway for our God. 
    4      Every valley shall be exalted 
          And every mountain and hill brought low; 
          The crooked places shall be made straight 
          And the rough places smooth; 

Isaiah speaks here of Israel’s return from exile through the desert, on smooth highways. This also applies individually. We need to clear the path in our hearts for easy access to the Lord. Things of the world clutter our lives (especially in the Christmas season), sin easily entangles, and suddenly we are far from ready for Christ’s appearing, His advent.

This reminds us to confess our sins...

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