God's Zeal for You

Isaiah 9:3-7

    3   You have multiplied the nation 
          And increased its joy; 
          They rejoice before You 
          According to the joy of harvest, 
          As men rejoice when they divide the spoil. 
    4      For You have broken the yoke of his burden 
          And the staff of his shoulder, 
          The rod of his oppressor, 
          As in the day of Midian. 
    5      For every warrior’s sandal from the noisy battle, 
          And garments rolled in blood, 
          Will be used for burning and fuel of fire. 
    6      For unto us a Child is born, 
          Unto us a Son is given....
    7      The zeal of the Lord of hosts will perform this.

God has increased our joy in the Incarnation of Christ. We now have a great high priest able to sympathize with our weaknesses, and able to fully bear our sins and completely forgive us. He has broken the yoke of sin oppressing us, and will break every burden in His good time. The precious words in Isa 9 are “unto us.” The Christ child is born to us. The Son is given to us. Jesus Himself wants us to get that, so He offers us bread and wine every week and tells us to say, it is His body and blood. Here is the Son, given to you. Look past your own zeal for Him for a moment, and consider His zeal for You. Zeal sealed in a blood stained cross. Take this gift by faith with thanks.

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