Faith eats and drinks

Sermon text: Galatians 3:1-9
Faith in Christ justifies us before God, not works of the law

Jesus was amazed at the faith of the centurion who asked for his servant to be healed. His response is to describe many who will come from far away to sit down with Abraham in the kingdom of heaven. This weekly ritual is a reminder of that coming reality. What brings us in is faith. Faith that we need a Savior from our sin and that God has saved us at the cross. Faith is the foundation of our weekly communion practice. Different churches have different buildings, different looking preachers and pulpits and chairs and ways of doing the sacraments, but it is all built on the foundation of faith. So is your eating and drinking. It isn’t about what you’re feeling as you chew bread or drink wine. It isn’t about what you know on the finer theological points. It’s about who you trust. Faith starts with facts and ends up with feelings, but ultimately we trust the person of Jesus Christ. The point of that trust is to sit down reconciled with our Creator. Faith is for fellowship with God.


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