Joshua 5:1-12

1. Circumcision: rendering yourselves helpless before your enemy for days, when you are to defeat them militarily? God's preparation of His people for spiritual warfare sometimes looks foolish to the world or feels to us too painful, counterproductive, or slow.

2. Circumcision - the study book assumed God forbids Israel to circumcise their children while wandering in the wilderness. I have always believed they neglected this out of spiritual sloth or disobedience. Which do you think it is, and why? The Scripture that most directly addresses this seems to be verse 7.

3. Sacraments: both circumcision and passover are celebrated here. 
a. Circumcision becomes NT baptism (Colossians 2:11-14), and Passover becomes NT Communion. Israel had to be circumcised to do Passover (Ex 12:44, 48); we are baptized before taking Communion.
b. Crossing the Jordan was a baptism, as crossing the Red Sea was (1 Cor 10:2). Eating the fruit of the land was a kind of Communion.
c. These sacraments are part of our preparation for spiritual warfare. They look silly to the world, and maybe feel useless to ourselves, at times. But God commands them.

4. Manna to food:
a. Israel ate manna in the wilderness and died.  They were preserved (manna) and marked (circumcision) physically, but did they have faith?
b. God preserves us in different ways at different times, but He is the same faithful God dealing with His people in the same ways.

5. Jesus Christ: each of the points and Scriptures above point us to Christ. The sacramental lines especially help us see this (as they are designed to do!). Christ sets us apart to Himself (circ) and washes us (baptism and unleavened bread). He offers Himself as the sacrificial lamb (Psvr) and delivers us from the bondage of sin and guilt (Exodus).

6. Preparation: we must abide in Christ, identify with Him and His salvation in faith, before we are ready to be His witnesses in spiritual conquest of the land we are to inherit.

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