Family table

When my family gathers around our family table at home, we are all Hemmekes. And yet each person is unique and different. What binds us together is a loving covenant of marriage, and begetting children from that union.

When we gather at the Lord’s Table, it is much the same. We are all followers of Jesus Christ. What binds us together is a loving covenant between Father and Son for their mutual glory. The Father has begotten us as spiritual children to eternal life, through faith in Jesus Christ. We are all children of the same Father, we have the same Lord and Savior. Yet children are not identical. And so we come together at the Lord’s Table to receive the same spiritual food and drink from Him. Yet each of us has slightly different needs. Some need comfort food, some splash of water in the face to wake up, some need strength for a battle. God knows how to provide for each of us, through His Word and sacrament. Through our fellowship of love together with Him and with each other.


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