McCheyne - Life is an Adventure

Robert Murray Mccheyne Life Is An AdventRobert Murray Mccheyne Life Is An Advent by Irene Howat
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Points for intent and content, but not for writing style.
The intent is to uphold missionaries and evangelists as good examples for our children to read about and emulate.
The content is the biography of Robert Murray McCheyne, about whom I knew nothing, and still know little.
The style leaves a lot to be desired. Uneven pacing, abrupt transitions exits and entrances, these impinge on conveying well the events of McCheyne's life. His famous reading plan gets 1/3 of a page and isn't really described clearly.

On the plus side, his earnest desire to share the life and work of Jesus Christ with his parishioners regardless of his ailing health (he died at 29) comes through well.

If you need something for your children to read, give them this. But there has to be a better children's biography of McCheyne out there. Come to think of it, there doesn't /have/ to be, but there should be.

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