John 9

Jesus heals a man blind from birth. This causes a ruckus, as it is during a feast and on the Sabbath. The Pharisees are divided: some say it's sinful because it was on the Sabbath; others say it is such a miracle, it must be from God. They try to solve this dilemma by saying it's a different guy (calling the parents in), and getting him to condemn Jesus, but neither works. They excommunicate the healed blind man. Jesus finds him and shows Himself to him. The man worships Jesus. Jesus points out that the blind now sees, but those who "see" are still blind.

People go to great lengths to dismiss Jesus. They will try any excuse to be able to say, "Jesus was not from God." Because if He was, He messes with our ideas of what is right, and calls for total obedience.

Don't boil a kid in its mother's milk. In other words, don't use something that should be a blessing to them (like the Sabbath) to beat them up. The Pharisees put the healed man and his parents through the wringer on the Sabbath, even excommunicating him on the spot, trying to uphold the importance of the Sabbath!

When Jesus heals you, a total healing in all dimensions results. This man is healed not only of physical blindness, but also freed from the guilt of sin, and freed from the intimidation of the Pharisees (no small feat itself). There are many who Jesus miraculously heals or feeds who do NOT come to Him in worship. A whole generation of Israelites fed by manna in the wilderness comes to mind. But when you are truly reborn by God, the transformation will be total: spiritual, physical, social, everything. It may not be complete. We do not attain perfection until Christ's return. But the transformation begins in every part of life.

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