Acting offended to get your way

What I Learned in Narnia
CS Lewis, in The Last Battle
“’Really Puzzle,’ said Shift, ‘I didn’t think you’d ever say a thing like that. I didn’t think it of you, really.’
‘Why, what have I said wrong?’ said the Ass, speaking in a rather humble voice, for he saw that Shift was very deeply offended.”

Douglas Wilson, in What I Learned in Narnia
Now what is Shift doing in this passage by acting offended? He is manipulating Puzzle by creating false guilt. Have you ever seen someone moping around, waiting for others to feel sorry for him? (Maybe you have even done this yourself.) Perhaps this type of person wants pity, or perhaps they want to instill a false sense of guilt in someone, but the goal is always the same – somehow they want to get their way. There is something they want – maybe they just want to feel some kind of power over others – and they manipulate others’ feelings in order to get it.” (19)

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