Receiving God's Wisdom, or Grabbing our own?

Back in the Garden of Eden, God made Adam and Eve in His image. The serpent then came along tempting Eve with the promise of being like God if she ate the fruit. Notice, they were already like God, in His image, but the temptation was to have more. This is usually how temptation works. God has already given, but we want more. So it is with wisdom. Prov 2:6 says that Yahweh gives wisdom, yet we often scrabble after understanding ourselves. We wind up with a worldly wisdom that does not bring godliness.  So God describes His wisdom more for us in these verses. Wisdom is understanding righteousness, justice, equity, and every good path. Wisdom isn’t an encyclopedic recall of the past, or insight into the future. Wisdom is understanding how to love your neighbor. And what does this wisdom do? It guards our way, preserves us, shields us. Holy wisdom is the only safe path, in the end.


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