Hearty Thanks

The Lord’s Supper is a thanksgiving table. The word the ancient church used most for this sacrament was eucharist. Eucharist did not come from Roman Catholic superstition. It’s a perfectly decent Greek word, a verb, meaning, “I thank.” For centuries the church celebrated the Lord’s Supper by simply saying, let us give thanks.

Why does this matter? Because when the Lord calls us to this table, it is not for us to show off our table manners or piety. It is not a reward for being good this week. No, this table sets the pattern for the rest of our life, and the pattern is this: God has given you this gift, this grace, Jesus Christ crucified for you. And it is an opportunity to return thanks to Him. So enjoy deeply God’s gift of salvation, forgiveness and grace here at this table. And then go and give thanks to others for their goodness to you. Do not celebrate Thanksgiving anemically, as you do not celebrate this Eucharist anemically.


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