What I Learned in Narnia

What I Learned In NarniaWhat I Learned In Narnia by Douglas Wilson

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Lovely little book, pastorally targeted at younger readers who have read Narnia. This will give lots of edifying "mileage" out of having read Narnia, without spoiling the books by moralizing them.

Wilson progresses from the lesser to the greatest topics, starting with authority and confession and climaxing with grace and love. Reading this in just a day or two, this had a wonderful cumulative effect. Yet the book really makes for great out loud reading to children, with short sections. The best thing about the book is Wilson's warm pastoral tone speaking to children and young people about important and spiritual things, without condescension, scolding or moralizing. We need more examples of this kind of teaching and training of our children.

The frustrating things about this one: Wilson says he is writing to those who have read the Narnia books, but he ends up summarizing almost every story he refers to. This takes up about half the book. Also, he repeats several passages, using them in different places. The reader would have been better served with less summary, and more references and chapters. (Susan not fighting, Rabadash's stubborn pride, the Dufflepuds, etc. are not included). Not than an encyclopedia is needed, but more substance and less summary.

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