The Glory of Unity

Jesus calls us to this Table, to break, bless, pass and eat this bread and wine. And He tells us that doing so proclaims His death until He comes again, until His next advent. Now proclaiming Christ’s death is glorifying Him. We are not only singing His praises we are eating and drinking to His praise. We tell of His great deeds from one generation to another. Our children watch and imitate their parents as we partake, proclaim and praise God.
But we are not the first to give glory to Jesus. In John 17:22 Jesus says His Father gave Him glory, and Jesus has given us glory. The Spirit gives the Son glory, too. And we are called to glorify God in response. But Jesus defines this glory for us in John 17: that they may be one as We, the Father and Son, are one. That the love with which the Father loves the Son is in us, as we love one another. That we behold His glory and see Him as He is. “Most blessed, most glorious, the Ancient of Days, almighty, victorious, His great name we praise.”


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