Coming Closer

After confession, we are consecrated to God. In the sacrificial picture, this is an ascension to God. So we stand up, and starting last week, we often say we lift up our hearts to God. We come nearer, though we have already come. It is like children being called in for dinner, but then being sent to wash their hands. Once you’ve washed, okay, NOW you can come. We always sing after hearing our sins are forgiven, as a way to celebrate, and express our gratitude to God, and it is a picture of ascent. Heb 13:15 says we offer a sacrifice of praise to God, now.

After we sing, we read God’s Word responsively. We stand to read God’s Word at this point, out of reverence and to give better attention. Please remember to love your church family by not moving in and out of the room when God’s Word is read, unless there is a fire or a medical emergency. Help each other pay close attention to the Word. If you find yourself at the back door heading for your seat, it’s best to wait until we are singing before returning. That’s the least distracting time for most.


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