Not winners and losers, but Christ-like service

Like Paul and Barnabas in our sermon text this morning [Acts 15:36-41], Euodia and Syntyche couldn’t get along for a time [Philippians 4:2-3]. The Philippians must have had a hard time with this a lot, because Paul several times tells them to be of the same mind, or like-minded. This doesn’t mean they are mental clones of each other on every issue. When there is a disagreement in theology or practice, there doesn’t have to be a loser who surrenders and a winner whose view conquers. The key to likemindedness isn’t like that, but described in 2:5 – the mind of Christ must prevail. We must be willing to take a lower place than we think we deserve. Humble service and obedience is the Lord’s path for us, more than self-assertion. We are more likely to serve our way up, than to argue our way up.


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