Peaceful Union

The Lord’s Table is a place of love, reconciliation, peace, and unity. The early church made sure her very different members could sit down at the same table together to eat. Jesus Christ is our common ground, our common meal. Let us pursue unity in Him.

In the OT sacrifice, the animal was killed, drained of the blood, the blood was put on the altar and the meat was cooked and eaten. In the NT we re-present the results of the final sacrifice of the Lamb. The body and blood are already separated, because Jesus is already sacrificed, once for all. The Jews were not to eat or drink animal blood, for the life is in the blood. It is the death, the blood of Jesus that atones. We need union with Christ Jesus to live. This wine symbolizes the sap of the vine by which we abide in Him. We need unity with Christ and with His people. Let us consider the body of Christ, dead and risen, and His body the church, broken and hurting, fed and healed.


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