Creation Debate

Just listened to

Maker of Heaven and Earth: Why Creation is a Gospel Issue
by Al Mohler, Jr.

Mohler is an articulate critic of liberalism, standing firmly in the heritage of Carl Henry and Christian fundamentalism.

Fundamentalism has such a bad rap these days, and I along with others reject the anti-intellectual, KJV-only, version. But we must hold to basic Scriptural truths like creation against a hostile academic elite which is very willing to exclude us from their ranks for it. We must be willing to be excluded, while we persuade toward the acceptance of Scriptural truth.

It is interesting how the church responded to Darwin. One sector capitulated, seeking to merge evolution into Scriptural interpretation. Another sector had a knee-jerk, shrill reaction that didn't really address the ideas put forward by evolution. Though they upheld biblical truth, they lost the debate if they didn't answer the challenge in substance.

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